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  Comitas Comunicaciones S.A.

In real time, via Inmarsat Satellites & facilities at Telenor, with telemedicine and Comitas Comunicaciones you will have prompt medical assistance when sailing anywhere in the world. With an easy, intuitive & friendly system TM64 transmits basic medical information to the Remote Medical Center where doctors & specialists can reach a precise diagnosis and perscribe the right treatment.

  International Radio Medical Centre (C.I.R.M)

The International Radio Medical Centre (C.I.R.M.) provides around-the-clock free medical assistance to patients aboard ships all over the world. C.I.R.M. can also decide and coordinate the evacuation of a patient from a yacht by naval craft or helicopter, cooperating mainly with National Marine Rescue Coordination Centre (M.R.C.C.) and, if necessary, with other rescue organisations, such as the Coast Guard.

  Marine Medical International

Marine Medical International, your 'lifeline at sea' offers medical kits, 24-hour telemedicine, MCA Class 4 provisioning, defibrillators, AED dianostic kits and training.  

  Ocean Medical International Ltd

Ocean Medical International Ltd has been supplying medical kits & equipment, radio/telephone medical advice and crew medical training since 1993. Their medical kits can be found on many of the largest yachts in the world, with a range of medical kits suitable for use on any size craft.

Their medical kits are manufactured in England, using UK licensed drugs and equipment. The kits are produced under their guidance by an established UK company that has supplied medical goods to merchant vessels for many years.