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Feadship Launches New Concept

Feadship has developed a brand-new concept for storing a helicopter onboard its yachts in an enclosed hanger within the supersturcture. Traditionally, helicopter facilities fall into two categories: a strengthened deck serving as a landing pad, or a more extensive solution allowing the helicopter to remain onboard. The helicopter is housed in a fully fire-proof and ventilated garage forward of the wheelhouse.

It is placed on a lift, which raises the craft up onto the deck when required. This lift forms part of the take-off and landing pad. With a seam in the centreline of the boat, the hatch slides open in two halves to port and starboard. The helicopter either unfolds its blades or has them reattached & is ready for takeoff.

While onboard, the helicopter is protected from the elements and all associated corrosion. This technological breakthrough will enable owners to visit their yachts in more remote spots and continue their cruise with the helicopter hidden from view.